Unitas Global: Helping Firms to Achieve Strategic Objectives through Exceptional EPC Services

CIO VendorGrant Kirkwood, CEO
The cloud, despite being widely touted as the ‘savior of IT’, is still far from perfection. Organizations, in order to leverage its benefits, should focus on tackling the probable risks associated with cloud. Standing out amidst those companies, dedicated to connect organizations to cloud is Unitas Global, a Los Angeles, CA based firm that provides Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC).

The Unitas Global EPC services enable firms to achieve strategic objectives. Highly customized IT infrastructure environments are made accessible through an easy, intuitive interface allowing IT staff to focus on business critical applications rather than underlying infrastructure. The unique methodology adapted at Unitas provides organizations with the ability to take advantage of the benefits that cloud provides. Moreover, the services allow people to leverage the cloud without the uncertainty usually associated with public cloud.
Unitas is closely aligned with industry leaders including Equinix and CDW to provide underlying infrastructure. As a hardware and technology agnostic cloud provider, the organization utilizes the best of technology to provide the ultimate cloud services to clients. Due to this approach, the firm is able to be fully integrated with legacy IT systems, thereby easing the transition from traditional IT to cloud-enabled IT.

Unitas is headed by Grant Kirkwood, CEO, who has been instrumental in taking the company to new heights in traditional dedicated managed hosting wherein custom infrastructure is wrapped with modern cloud technology to enable a much faster rate of deployment and easy management of complex solutions. This fully dedicated approach ensures the highest level of security.
The Unitas EPC Solution

The company’s EPC solution has three core components: infrastructure, platform, and software.
Infrastructure: EPC includes the entire range of components involved in the IT environment, including local and wide area networking, load balancing, security solutions, compute, virtualization and storage. Software running on the infrastructure is fully-managed so that clients could have an exclusive focus on business specific applications.

Platform: MISSIONCONTROL is Unitas Global's exclusive management platform for cloud infrastructure. The entire IT lifecycle is managed from a single pane of glass, wherein aspects such as provisioning, monitoring, application performance, time and project management, help desk and other similar functions are taken care of.

Software: CLOUDCONTROL is the interface, which the consumers of IT resources within an organization use to provision compute and storage within the private cloud environment. This interface has been designed to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Ease of use has been consistently rated as one of the top limiters of cloud adoption within an enterprise, a concern that Unitas successfully addresses through CLOUDCONTROL

The Differentiating Aspects

On the differentiating features of Unitas, informs Kirkwood, ”We are the only cloud service provider which integrates WAN solutions into an end-to-end solution, and the only major provider to enable an SLA which encompasses the entire solution including application performance”.

Besides, the company materializes private cloud services on-prem, off-prem, and in third party data centers. The organization is the only provider to enable clients’ complete visibility and transparency into the services and processes.
“We are the selected providers of private cloud services for leading names like Equinix, and the Unitas EPC solutions are available in over 130 locations across the globe,” continues Kirkwood.

Unitas Global

Grant Kirkwood, CEO

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