Sureline Systems: An Enterprise’s “Go-To” for Disaster Recovery

CIO VendorRavi Goyal, President & CEO
Digital assets have become a pivotal piece of today’s business operations, and enterprises have to ensure their continuous availability to run their business operations. This was even proved by a recent study, which showed that seven out of ten times enterprises who lose access to their critical digital assets fail even for 24 hours, within a year.

One of the major setbacks for large global enterprises has been dealing with the downtime of their mission critical digital assets. Down time not only costs the enterprise millions of dollars per hour, but also hampers the credibility of the enterprise thus denting the customer loyalty. With traditional methods failing largely in addressing the cost and complexities involved in retaining digital assets, Fortune 500 companies have turned towards BCDR solutions for securing their mission critical data leaving much of their other critical data exposed.

SUREedge, a Complete Solution driving Business Continuity

Driving Business continuity by ensuring the safety of mission critical digital assets through its disaster recovery solutions is Sureline Systems. Founded in the year 2010, Sureline’s SUREedge platform provides business continuity solutions for operational data without the need for massive resources. The SUREedge platform drills down on the best aspects involved in its disaster recovery technology and incorporates them into a single management system; by doing this the platform helps eliminate many of the complexities and costs typically associated with BCDR. Whether recovering a lost file, undoing the havoc of virus, or keeping a business running despite a complete site failure, SUREedge keeps key digital assets continuously available.
The versatility of a complete business continuity solution attributes to data backup and recovery, with encrypting and securing it, replicating it to multiple locations and Private, Public or Hybrid clouds, optimizing WAN bandwidth for transfer, recovering applications, data and the whole network at remote site reliably and quickly in cased of full site failure and finally return data from a remote location back to the local production site. Only SUREedge with its enterprise class features accomplishes all of these aspects as a single solution delivering as the only True Data Recovery solution with built in consumer-class simplicity.

Flexible and Easily Deployable

SUREedge is a self-supported platform that serves businesses that cannot afford to have downtime and offers itself as a complete solution that aids to multiple sections of the market.

According to Ravi Goyal, President & CEO, Sureline Systems, “SUREedge® is a Flexible and Simplified Deployment Model which offers itself as a Single Vendor Solution, so there are no issues with compatibility or slowed system performance and this is a huge advantage for our customers.” This means that MSPs only need to learn one product to protect and monitor all of their clients. For enterprises, it means less time and money spent setting up, periodically testing and using their business continuity solution.

Roadmap Ahead

With Virtualization and Cloud technologies proliferating, BCDR has turned out to be one of the critical processes enterprises require to adopt these new technologies. SUREedge is architected using these new technologies. Extending SUREedge to accommodate Hybrid cloud, cloud elasticity, big data and Open stack, are some of the key technologies that Sureline has on its roadmap.


Sureline Systems

Ravi Goyal, President & CEO

Sureline offers SUREedge®, an innovative Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution locally, remotely and in Cloud that is scalable, reliable, fast to recover, and easy-to-use