Smartstream: Outpacing Competition in the Financial Markets Sector

CIO VendorPhilippe Chambadal, CEO
The global financial crisis of 2008-09 highlighted the under-investment that financial institutions have historically made in the middle and backoffice. This lack of investment and resultingprocess inefficiencies have been magnified by increasing transaction complexity and fluctuating volumes; costing market participants billions per annum. Enter SmartStream…

SmartStreamprovides a full suite of solutions which address the challenges faced by financial institutions. These solutions cover the entire post-trade lifecycle enabling more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective middle and back office operations.

By uniquely combiningthese post-trade processing solutionswith its data management services SmartStream creates a real-time, pre-emptive approach to reducing trade failures while also automating and accelerating the entire post-trade lifecycle.The adoption of these solutions allows firms to realize market leading match rates in excess of 95 percent, compared to the industry average of approximately 84 percent. As a critical component of retooling post trade environments, SmartStream also helps firms with the all-important task of meeting new regulatory demands - whether it is liquidity transparency, visibility into OTC derivatives positions, removal of operational risk or moving operations to true intra-day transaction processing.

Always at the forefront of market trends, SmartStream was the first company to launch a single reconciliations platform for all middle and back office operations using TLM Reconciliations Premium. This service was developed to meet growingcustomer demand for an industry utility that would cut operational costs and reduce duplication of feeds. It is still the only service of its kind available in the market.
“SmartStream’s approach to creating, delivering and supporting a range of operational initiatives, means that new solutions are constantly setting industry standards. This enables SmartStream to outperform our competition during, sustaining our market leadership whilst securing flagship customers for new solutions and services,” says CEO, Philippe Chambadal.

Industries of Interest

SmartStream already works with over 70 of the world’s top 100 financial organizations. Every year the company is winning new clients and will continue to work within the middle and back office functions for both buy-side and sell-side firms to replace legacy systems and create centralized services and utilities.

SmartStream’s clients are driving significant demand for new technology and monitoring tools to manage risk and drive down the cost of their operations. In addition, as the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, the ability for firms to minimize compliance issues by managing their complex transactions means thatSmartStream’s solution stack will continue to be deployed to streamline these processes.


Due to its culture of innovation, SmartStream has the ability to quickly react to client, market and regulatory changes. Unlike its competitors, the company has continued to make significant investment in research and development throughout the challenging market conditions of the past five years. Spending more than 25 percent of revenue on R&D, SmartStream has made significant improvements to its TLM platform and has delivered the next generation of industry leading solutions to help banks navigate these difficult times.

Going forward, SmartStream will continue investing and will deliver significant platform enhancements to improve monitoring, measuring and exceptions processing, as well as new strategic solutions to help banks realize the operational efficiency needed to survive these turbulent times.


Philippe Chambadal, CEO

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