Quadrant Information Security: The Smart Choice in Enterprise Security Solutions

CIO VendorIan Bush, President
The enterprise security market across the globe, is witnessing an unprecedented evolution in technology. This progress, although a game-changer, makes it essential for enterprises to keep pace with the technological advancements and to stay ahead of the competition. There is a growing demand for enterprises that can bridge the gap between information security and information technology by providing exceptional solutions. Quadrant Information Security, a consulting firm headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida is answering these demands and delivering the exact requirements of the industry by specifically focusing on Enterprise Security and Managed Security Services. The firm consists of exceptionally skilled security professionals and takes pride in successfully creating secure networking environments for customers in all verticals, by providing a holistic approach to Information Security Program Development and related technologies.

Quadrant President, Ian Bush, has been instrumental in making the company the smart choice among other enterprise security providers. “Our solutions revolve around combining technology and management. The technological tools are effective; however, we always place importance on the fact that there are people behind the management of these tools”, says Bush. “Tools are only as good as the people behind them”.

Services Overview

The Quadrant approach towards solving enterprise security concerns stems from the enormity of the issue, which goes beyond patch management and virus protection. Although these aspects are crucial
elements of a comprehensive security program, several vital components are often overlooked in the process of ensuring that enterprise security requirements are met. It is here that the Quadrant approach differentiates itself, as it also takes care of the physical, technical, and administrative aspects of enterprise security.

Aside from their Sagan technology and Managed Security Services, their offerings include Vulnerability Management, Application Security Testing, VOIP Security, Social Engineering, Security Program Development , ISO 27001 consulting, and many others. All of these offerings have been a major factor in the success of Quadrant since its incorporation in 2001.

The SAGAN Technology

Sagan is a multi-threaded, real time Security Event Management and Analyzer Application that uses a Snort-like rule to detect malicious traffic on your network and/or enterprise data assets. Upon start-up, our product contains over 6500 internally developed attack signatures that are used to detect and validate malicious activity and critical events throughout your infrastructure.

Looking Ahead

Quadrant looks forward to a great future with plans to enhance their services. The firm is planning for significant expansion, while maintaining the current growth level, which surfaces as a challenging task. Annually, the company reports a consistent growth rate. Another area of focus is to enlarge their employee base, a process that is in full swing through national searchers for talented and skilled individuals.

Besides Jacksonville, the firm has offices in Boone, North Carolina as well as security professionals around the world to support their global customer base.

Quadrant Information Security

Ian Bush, President

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