NuAgeBI: Offering Actionable Insights to Complex Transactional Data

CIO VendorRohit Kumar,President & Founder
Companies rely on transactional databases tocapture structured information. With most companies being reactive in their approach in managing financial statement level risks in transactional big data, the need for a robust platform that can eliminate the complexity of retrieving information and thereby providing actionable insights into transactional datais the need of the hour.With the cost of managing information from its extraction to converting it into actionable insight,ever increasing, small and medium sized companies are faced with the challenge of building an infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Breaking the barriers of huge capital investments and offering businesses with the ability to leverage predictive analytics, visual analytics, and rule-based anomaly detection in a cost effective way, is NuAgeBI, a startup firm headquartered at California. Since its inception in 2013, NuAgeBI has been providing predictive analytics solution along with visual analytics tool,thus allowing business users to gain insight into their business data by providing seamless enterprise class analysis and reporting.

Standing Apart From the Rest

NuageBI leverages cloud based technologies to build a robust multi-tenant business intelligence platform. It has removed the complexity of extracting information from disparate sources. NuAgeBI leverages advanced predictive analytics to identify risky financial transactions.
A business user can understand the context of risky transactions in a visual dashboard. Both predictive and visual analytics output are offered on a “pay as you go” model. According to Rohit Kumar, President and Founder, Speed, Simplicity and Self-learning, are the key differentiating factors that have made the firm famous in the industry today. Speed: The firm offers its solutions based on the SAP Hana in-memory platform, which processes large amounts of diverse data in almost realtime.Simplicity: With a visual interactive dashboard used as a medium to present advanced analytics output, the platform helps users to understand the context of risky transactions.Self-learning: Based on user feedback, NuAgeBI's uniquely built intelligent solution also improves the accuracy of predicting risky transactions which according to Rohit is the step towards adapting to the method of Self-learning.

NuAgeBI delivers best in class cloud based advanced predictive analytics for analyzing financial statement level risks. In the words of Rohit, “Our proprietary solution combines the power of predictive analytics, visual analytics, and context-based anomaly detection”. The firm’s platform is the only innovative cloud based platform which acts as a common base in extracting, transforming and standardizing different data domains into one format, thus making the platform available to all ERP systems.

Having the largest of clients in the industry today of whom many of them are in the multibillion dollar brigade, the firm finds traction in Technology, Manufacturing and in the Healthcare sectors incorporating both the payer side as well as the provider side.With the number of complex fraudulent activities on a continual rise, the firm has set its focus on a couple of compliance cases through FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and AML (Anti Money Laundering)and has also been developing real time risk analytics for business processes, namely procure to pay and order to cash.


Rohit Kumar,President & Founder

NuAgeBI provides advanced analytics solution on cloud to CFOs and business controllers