Newgen Software: Leading Digital Transformation

CIO VendorDiwakar Nigam, Chairman & CEO
As globalization impacts businesses worldwide, enterprises need to quickly realign their core operations through smart technology investments. Social, mobile, big data analytics, and cloud among others, are fast emerging as innovative technology trends that can enable organizations to combat this change. More than adhering to compliance mandates, they help companies meet ever increasing customer expectations, and achieve business agility to respond to changing market dynamics. In a highly competitive business environment where improved customer experience, faster delivery of services/products, enhanced process transparency and better compliance levels are the key differentiators, organizations that are not able to join the digital transformation revolution are bound to lag behind.

Newgen Software, a firm from Washington D.C, has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, with its innovative suite of solutions in the Enterprise Content Management, (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Customer Communication Management space. Leveraging new age technologies such as mobility, cloud computing, advanced analytics, and virtual repository services, Newgen brings about the perfect amalgamation of information and content, technology, and processes; the building blocks of Digital Transformation.

Creating the Difference

For years, Newgen has thrived on innovation bringing about many smart changes to its line of products to align them with the current market needs. Extending its BPM offerings on the mobile platform through seamless information capture, real-time processing and robust monitoring, it has led to operational transformation for leading organizations of the world. Newgen ECM suite leverages Virtual Repository Services (OmniVRS) to orchestrate multiple content repositories across the enterprise and in cloud domains to deliver context based content. The company is working on extending this framework to both in-premise and hybrid cloud deployments. Newgen Social Media Records Management system manages and maintains critical information exchanged through social media channels. Its Intelligent Business Process Management suite with active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with complex event processing capabilities lays the foundation for smarter and more intelligent business decisions.

Further, Newgen’s ProAgile© Implementation Methodology assures the fastest implementation cycles by taking into consideration an organization’s need, current process maturity, and process complexity. This ensures that our customers start accruing business benefits with completion of the first level itself.

“We understand that processes are different for each industry vertical and it is for this reason that we have developed concept of soft industry templates. The resources in form of process snippets, forms, form fragments, rules, and others can be reused while retaining
flexibility to make organization-specific changes. This jump-starts the process design and helps in rapid delivery. The model-driven process composition approach of iBPMS further facilitates rapid implementations,” says Diwakar Nigam, Managing Director of the firm.

Winning Strategy

“Our products match the best in the world and typically we find ourselves competing and winning against the big goliaths of the space like EMC, IBM as well as specific application vendors like Appian, PegaSystems, for BPM, OpenText for ECM among others” said Mr Virender Jeet, Senior Vice President for Products & Technology. He went on to say, “We have more than 40 patents and a very strong IP, with clear edge in imaging and mobile capture, market for which is developing pretty rapidly for us.”

Innovation and futuristic vision is what keeps Newgen at the leading edge of technology and enables the company to build products that transform the way global enterprises work in a digital world. Anticipating the potential of latest technologies to shape the future of business, the company keeps upgrading its product portfolio with innovative enterprise software. Newgen invests 12-15% of its revenue each year in research and development.

Expanding Ecosystem

“Newgen is also aggressively strengthening its Channel Partner Network – with clear focus on recruiting more partners as well as building a high value partner enablement program, to ensure rapid partner onboarding and success in their respective markets. Currently the firm has over 200 partners spread across more than 58 countries, ” said Mr Manojit Mazumdar, Vice President, Partner Ecosystem.

To drive growth globally, Newgen is also planning to further expand its reach globally with focus on the solutions for Shared services, government and public sector apart from its Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

Focused on Customer Value

“The company\'s core culture is also a very strongly tuned to the ‘customer’ at all levels in the organization. This ‘customer centricity’ reflects in a loyal customer base for Newgen and a high lifetime value of the customer,” said Rajeev Kak, Global Vice President of Marketing. He added “We have initiated new Value Assessment and Discovery programs to help identify document the value delivered to our customers through our software implementations. Our vision is to deliver $500 million in value to our customers by 2016.”

Newgen has a global footprint of 1100+ installations in 58 countries. The firm has a global presence with sales offices in Dubai, Singapore, US, Canada, and India. In the past two years, the company expanded its operations with new presence in Latin America, South Africa as well as doubled its market footprint in US and Canada.

Newgen Software

Diwakar Nigam, Chairman & CEO

An international provider of Business Process Management,Enterprise Content Management and Customer Communication Management, Document management System, Workflow and Process Automation software