Lityx:Optimizing Marketing and CRM Efforts

With the advent of advanced analytics, big data has rocketed to the top of corporation agenda in the recent past because of itspotential for optimizing business decisions.Various companies are entering into this space, perceiving its potential over basic BI and standard data analytics. As the current market is witnessing a dawn of a variety of technological tools in the cloud, advanced analytics is transitioning to become a platform for enterprises and executives to assess their customers, targeted geographies, and marketing strategies. One company pioneering in this space, empowering today’s digital marketer to conduct the symphony of modern marketing,is Towson, MD based Lityx.

Founded in 2005, Lityx is a provider of cloud-based hosted analytics solutions that aid both business and technical users to leverage the power of advanced analytics effortlessly. The company thrives on the shortfall of easy to use advanced analytic tools in the industry, enabling them to garner close attention in the spaceamong their customers and prospects.“Our clients and prospects are hitting roadblocks with advanced analytics for two reasons. First, classic toolsets for building models or performing optimization are expensive and require highly experienced statisticians, mathematicians, and programmers. Second, the time and expenserequired for IT departments to support this software is overwhelming, especially for mid-sized companies. We are addressing these issueswith our cloud based platform which is cost effective and has low maintenance requirements,” says Paul Maiste, Presidentand CEO of Lityx. The company has made its impact in numerous industries such as Financial Services, Hospitality, Gaming, Non-profit, Retail, CPG, and Healthcare.
Delivering Higher Marketing Campaign ROI

Lityx has delivered an intuitive, powerful advanced analytics tool,LityxIQ, that empowers marketers to generate higher marketing ROI. LityxIQ is a cloud-based integrated platform for data management, predictive modelling, data mining, marketing optimization, visualization and reporting. It offersboth business users and power users the ability to create and deploy advanced analytics.To help their clients who are new to predictive analytics and optimization, Lityx also assists by providing world class services and a highly successful Rapid Analytics program which delivers deployable results within 2 to 4 weeks.

The firmhas garnered a strong clientele of software, training, and consulting clients, includingAARP, Bank of America, Citibank, Motley Fool, All American Hearing, andProgressive Insurance to name a few. “Lityx is on the front line of new, easy to use, and more affordable analytic capabilities for statisticians and non-statisticians alike,” added Paul.


Lityx is currently focusing on their clients in North America, and has partnerships with companies in Asia, South Africa, and Australia/New Zealand. Their partner in Australia is Sovereign Merchant who are experts at on-boarding leading edge cloud and analytic solutions. Currently, the company is further developing their platform around big data to enable analytics and models to run on even larger data sets.



Paul Maiste, Ph.D President & CEO

A provider of cloud-based hosted analytics solutions that aid both business and technical users