iScan Online: Winning the War on Data Breaches

CIO VendorCarl Banzhof, CEO & Co-Founder
One of the reasons organizations don’t have a clearer view onthe sensitive data storagecombined with the security threats and vulnerabilities is because of the staggering 950million data breaches recorded since 2013. Giving customers the ability to prioritize and act on these at risk endpoints is critical to being able to prevent a data breach before it happens.

And this is exactly what a Texas based firm has been doing over the past twoyears since its inception. iScan Online, founded in 2012 with its cloud based data breach prevention platform has been enabling organizations to identify potential data breaches before they even occur. The combined intelligence driven platform identifies unprotected sensitive data at rest along with the security threats and vulnerabilities that affect the host where the data is stored. Along with the vulnerabilities and breach risk count by host, the combined intelligencealso helps organizations to visualize and calculate the potential liability in dollars for each endpoint at risk, thus facilitating remediation by taking action on a priority basis.

A Pioneer in The Data Breach Prevention Space

In most data breach attacks, data at rest is left exposed on critical endpoints and thus has become an open gateway for attackers. Many companies have tried to address the threat of a data breach with various legacy tools such as vulnerability assessments and DLP
products only failing to prevent such attacks. iScan Online stands apart from the others through innovation , ease of management and by defining and delivering technology that meets the Data breach prevention Lifecycle. This product clearly places iScan Online as the pioneers in the data breach prevention space.

The firm’s data breach prevention platform offers to be of great service with its highly scalable cloud infrastructure and multi-tenant features. With the powerful iScan cloud console, organizations can now gain instant view into the potential risk of a data breach and manage one to one million endpoints effortlessly. Its host based technology helps inspect the critical endpoints of the unprotected data at rest and of the security threats and can be deployed using any existing systems management, software distribution or remote monitoring and management tools along with web application, Wi-Fi access points or VPN connections.

The Compatibility

iScan Online Data Breach Prevention Platform currently supportsWindows Desktop - Windows XP to Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003 to Server 2012, Mac OS X - 10.6 and higher, Ubuntu Linux - 12.04 and higher, Redhat Linux - RHEL 5 and higher, Centos Linux - 5.x and higher, Apple iOS - 5.1 and higher, Android - 2.3 and higher endpoints.

The firm has found early success in the Retail and Healthcare sector with some of its biggest clients include Hilton Hotels, UPMC, and Applebee’s. On the future roadmap from the words of Carl Banzhof, CEO, iScan Online, “We look to expand our foot print into mid-size and enterprise accounts and continue to expand our product offerings to include services that compliment and extend the data breach prevention lifecycle”.

iScan Online

Carl Banzhof, CEO & Co-Founder

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