Gemalto: Providing Trusted and Convenient Digital Services to Billions

CIO VendorOlivier Piou, CEO
Today, Business leaders and enterprises are witnessing a growing need for digital security of networks, access, identities and data. As mobile and cloud become an integral part of the increasingly digital era, these two technologies present new challenges around security and trust. Currently, enterprises and organizations around the world need secure and convenient ways to manage identity and access of employees and customers connecting to digital services.

Gemalto is the world leader in digital security, and works with some of the largest enterprises, banks and governments around the world to deliver trusted and convenient platforms and solutions that enable the protection and management of their logical, physical, and cloud-based data assets. The Company works with its customers to deploy strong multi-factor authentication solutions that support a range of form factors and authentication methods for the highest level of digital security. Whether communicating, banking, doing business online, using eGovernment services, accessing the cloud or building the Internet of things, billions of people everywhere rely on Gemalto every day.

Serving the Diverse Converging Markets

Our expertise spans the entire process of creating digital security solutions for our clients and their customers. We develop secure software and operating systems which we embed in many kinds of devices, like SIM cards, banking cards, tokens, electronic passports and ID cards. Once we’ve personalized them and loaded them with data, we deploy platforms and services to manage them throughout their life-cycle.
Gemalto is also serving diverse converging markets such as mobile and cloud security working with over 450 telecom operators and leading cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services. With cloud and mobile becoming cost-effective resources for enterprises in addition to trends like BYOD, Gemalto addresses the concerns of enterprise leaders regarding the risk to data security with strong authentication. Gemalto designed the Protiva suite of products that provide cloud service providers, medical professionals, enterprises, financial institutions and executives with a full range of multi-factor authentication solutions from one-time-password (OTP) tokens to mobile OTP.

With numerous cloud-based enterprise applications, ease-of-use is the key to employee adoption. Gemalto’s CloudEntr single-sign-on and access management solution provides an all-in-one platform. It offers secure access to applications and file sharing to support the security needs of businesses, while allowing them to easily capitalize on the cost efficiency and expediency of cloud usage.

Roadmap for the Forthcoming Years

As the digitization of the market continues to push the boundaries of the digital frontier, enterprises and organizations need to protect their mobile and cloud-based data. Gemalto leverages its long standing experience in mobile technology to develop identity and access management solutions like mobile authentication or mobile OTP, bringing the optimal balance of convenience and security to users. As enterprise security demands increase, Gemalto is working in parallel with standards organizations to integrate users’ credentials that are currently securely stored on a smart card such as Personal Identity Verification (PIV) badges and derive the credentials onto the secure element of the mobile device. Mobile derived credentials or Mobile PIV is the next step in providing enterprises and organizations with the highest level of security assurance for physical access as well as logical access.

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Olivier Piou, CEO

A provider of software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens