Datametica: Converting Data to a Critical Asset for Materializing Smarter and Faster Decisions

CIO VendorRajiv Gupta, CEO
Unprecedented data growth from both known and hitherto inconceivable sources has challenged large companies, making them reel from the data assault! Forward-thinking organizations are realizing that to facilitate and accelerate this inundation of data, they require new and innovative methods. They know that their ability to process and astutely consume this information is the only key to success in the era of big data and beyond. Such organizations are looking for intelligent solutions in business analytics that are able to handle the huge growth of data and able to draw insights from their data, to drive business and service.

Enter DataMetica, a company that helps data-challenged organizations take control of their data problems and take strategic decisions for positive business results. Widely appreciated for their result-oriented successes in converting large organizations’ data problems into intelligent information, the company is headed by Rajiv Gupta and Dr.Phil Shelley. The core team consists of specialist business solution providers; experts in innovative data capture technologies and information management. They are wholly committed to change-driven, data-enabling business efficiencies for commercial organizations.

Datametica’s services include Advanced Analytics, Real-Time Analytics, Hadoop Application Development and Support, Analytics Portal Development, Migration of applications, Data and Processing from Data Warehouses and Mainframes to Hadoop and Support and Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Management Solutions. These have been implemented by Fortune 500 and large organizations in the Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Technology and others sectors.
Countering the Roadblocks Datametica’s solutions are focused on tackling industry-specific data management and analytics problems, leveraging Datametica’s extensive Big Data and Hadoop operational knowledge.

The services are specifically designed to counter the client industry’s most prevalent concerns. Companies can depend on Datametica to solve long-running processing challenges, to drive cost down by migrating workloads off legacy data warehouses or mainframes to Hadoop, deliver real-time analytics dashboards or for Big Data technologies that deliver new business solutions.

Converting Data into an Asset

With Datametica on your side, the data conversion process leads to smarter and faster business decisions. The process expands through data capture, data modeling, storage, data integration, metadata mapping and finally, data reporting and exports. The company’s confidence using leading methodologies and frameworks are implementation via a first-step Proof of Concept to ensure reliable solution delivery.

Datametica understands, builds and supports data and analytics solutions to handle business needs for data management and real-time analysis.

Thoughts on the Future

With a place in CIOReview America’s Global Top 100 Big Data companies, DataMetica enjoys a bright future. “We are growing, while demonstrating our credibility and expertise. We are focused on our goal to be recognized as the strongest team in the industry; we have a busy schedule ahead!” says Rajiv Gupta.



Rajiv Gupta, CEO

A provider of Advanced Analytics, Migration of applications,Data and Processing from Data Warehouses and Mainframes to Hadoop and Support and Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Management Solutions