AltaSource Group: Delivering High ROI and Customer Transparency in the ITStaffing Industry

CIO VendorDave Moynihan, Managing Partner Growing demand for software development:

In 2014, according to reports, the U.S. unemployment rate for the Technology sector is less than half of the rest of the US market, and the demand for global top technology talent has been on a continual rise through 2014. To support their technology needs US companies have traditionally turned to IT outsourcing providers in India, Asia and Eastern Europe. However today’s software development practices like Agile and Lean require ongoing real-time collaboration, something traditional IT outsourcing has had a difficult time supporting.

“No matter how much you try, working with teams in time zones half way around the world blocks the team’s ability to work together, collaborate on ideas, designs and solutions, and validate our products with the end users creating overhead and process debt, ” says Dave
Moynihan, CEO of AltaSource Group. “Without the ongoing transparency into the team’s project efforts companies devolve into a “black box” partnership where they have little insight into the quality, cost and delivery of our projects.”

A Near shore solution:

Near shoring into Latin and South America have become tremendously popular with US companies looking to support development teams using Agile practices. Headquartered in Washington and with a development center in Buenos Aires Argentina, AltaSource Group had this understood and has been on deep root action since its inception in 2009 to promote some of the key successful elements involved in projects in terms of planning, and notably some of the process patterns for Agile and Lean teams. “It’s a unique experience for companies that have used traditional far-shore models,” stated Dave Moynihan. He went on to say, “We can provide exceptional resources, lower cost, and maintain the ability to work in real-time with our client’s. Using video, voice and software tools designed for distributed team these resources can seamlessly integrate into your development practices“.

Commitment to Customers

“We are committed to providing IT services to our clients that provide transparency, quality and
ROI”. This statement, Dave, has been the key feature of the company and the way it has conducted itself in delivering successful projects to their customers. Displaying unwavering commitment towards its clients and employees, the firm has successfully built deep relationships by understanding their current needs and opportunities and goes a step forward in inhibiting their respective culture in the best possible way.

The firm works in verticals including Healthcare, Travel, Gaming, Communications, Entertainment, and has it sclients range from start-ups to Fortune500 companies including Disney, ESPN, Expedia, ABC, Holland America and Hasbro.

A True Growth
AltaSource has clocked an astonishing revenue growth of 1,997 percent over the past three years. This has been driven by the quality of its services with its dedicated team reaching out to its clients and employees with committed service. AltaSource has envisioned a continued growth throughout 2014 with its focus on service, integrity and quality serving the staffing industry.

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Dave Moynihan, Managing Partner

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