IT will Witness a Transformation in the Future
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IT will Witness a Transformation in the Future

Jean Holley, CIO, Brambles
Jean Holley, CIO, Brambles

Jean Holley, CIO, Brambles

The revelation of mobility has gained grounds and is exploding in the current technology space. Mobility is going to be that huge transformational change for IT that would excite the world 10 years from now.  With gaining access to good rich applications, most people in my position nowadays carry out 90 percent of their work on mobile devices. The amalgamation of mobility and cloud has given way for a foundational piece that allows remote access to one’s work. Big data analytics with its predictive analytics characteristics has brought in as a huge boost to the industry in terms of analyzing the future landscape and the other factors which impacts the industry technologically.

Mobility has scaled great heights in connecting to all the information in real time and space and on remote devices securely thus helping us ease off from those legacy approaches of networking our systems, information and also our customers. This provides companies like us with a new global capability for our employees and customers to be virtually anywhere thus paving new ways for doing things. But without cloud being leveraged, all the above seems a hardship to sail.

Exploring Ways to Innovate

IT still needs to glue at certain aspects to make a complete enterprise solution, and partly it also depends on the vendors who are slow in adopting the tech trends. Finding ways of leveraging what their  companies externally are doing as a process and then bringing that thinking into the company IaaS or  SaaS type solutions has been an integral aspect of conducting progressive IT. Inside IT at Brambles, we  have instigated a couple of test environments testing new technologies on our own and also by  partnering with other firms to quickly try and adopt to their processes which we find as something innovative and fresh to be tried. An example to spell is the adoption of Microsoft 365 which helped us to a gigantic upgrade from legacy technologies towards a new invasion.

"Its time vendors speeden up in adopting to newer tech trends to make IT a complete Enterprise Solution"

Into the Future

From an innovation perspective one has to push to the limit. Like what we did with the Microsoft links with video, IM and integrating them has specifically allowed us to have a mobile solution within our capabilities for video conferencing. Looking into the future, IT has prospects to be a brokering solution. The chances are limited in building them as we did ten years ago ina traditional environment with many programmers around. So the call lies in integrating all these solutions together, then making them logically flow, and this will bring about the transformation that we believe that takes place in IT in the future days. (As told to Thomson Antony)

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