Entrepreneurs should make People Think Differently
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Entrepreneurs should make People Think Differently

Walter Curd, CIO, Maxim Integrated
Walter Curd, CIO, Maxim Integrated

Walter Curd, CIO, Maxim Integrated

The industry has evolved thriving on several trends. The most significant trend is the on-going advent of Internet, which is enabled by sensors, which are analog components. The connectivity facilitated by these developments has been a significant aspect influencing the sector.

Secondly, the industry deals with huge volumes of data, and organizations have the task of collecting, analyzing and assorting the information. These developments regarding data would continue in the imminent years as well, owing to the expected surge in the number of connected devices.

The Urgent Requirements

As a CEO, I encounter different challenges, among which technological requirements and security concerns deserve to be highlighted. From a technological perspective, we encounter several difficulties while securing data from different vendors, partners and our own factories. In this situation, it is of utmost significance to analyze and assort this data.

In fact, the need of the hour is to find the right resources with talent to sort out these data and find suitable ways of practical implementation. In other words, it still surfaces as a challenge for entrepreneurs to make people think differently. In earlier days, our employees were not accustomed to the concept of deviating from traditional ways, and the situation has to change.

In addition to technology requirements being inadequate, security concerns become evident amidst the prevalence of fraud activities in connection with intellectual property protection, and make the latter a critical roadblock. In the light of these trends, there has to be a wayout from the current data protection drawbacks for better prospects.

"Employees were not accustomed to the concept of deviating from traditional ways, and the situation has to change"

Far-reaching Innovation

The importance of Innovative thinking is well understood at Maxim. Therefore, the implemented strategies are far-reaching, which involve corroborating with other companies, and engaging in discussions on concerned topics, which takes places every three to six months. Besides, my focus has always been on incorporating innovation into the security aspects. Further, at organizational level, we have started ‘Innovation Class’, an initiative towards ensuring innovative approaches.

Through the initiative, a creative environment is materialized. The company also supports the idea of forming different teams, to enhance the process of innovation at all levels. (As told to Benita Matilda)

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