There is an Ongoing Drive to Self Integrate Solutions
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There is an Ongoing Drive to Self Integrate Solutions

Michael Kagan, CTO, Mellanox Technologies
Michael Kagan, CTO, Mellanox Technologies

Michael Kagan, CTO, Mellanox Technologies

There has occurred a big shift in terms of computing. Data centers have scaled out, and the holistic meaning of CPU as a Central Processing Unit has taken a shift towards being Computational Peripheral Unit. Following the huge mess of connected devices or the connected service providers, like the storage provider, security or the data analysis provider, the lag lies in the interconnectivity of services which can be best answered by the integration and orchestration of resources.

Look out for Inflection Points
In general, there has been a peak change in generating the data. Technology has come off as the main stay in helping address this sharp change in data generation through scale out computing. Also, in a much larger sense, the affinity to move the data from the source it is generated, processed and consumed also corresponds to the big technology wave. With this unprecedented amount of data there is also the need to look for those inflection points in the non-volatile storage technology space which has become the need of the hour and is now on going. This has in turn resulted with a much lower latency and a higher bandwidth with regards to accessing the non-volatile data storage.

A Shift towards the Future
There is a greater need to move from moderate scale machines to stand out open source machines so as to help people integrate their own solutions. On the other side, companies like Google, operate a single big system around the globe with great efficiency. To help enable those systems, the order of the day demands the need of open view ports to facilitate self integration of solutions. From an innovation perspective, it is imperative the way one drives the company culture in nurturing people’s minds with respect to ideas and behavior. This drives productivity and our efficacy echoed, thus adding more value to the company. It is something my teacher often made me aware about winning a marathon; “Run as fast as you can and then go on and accelerate”. (As told to Derek James)

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