Need of Right Solutions for Distinguished Globalization
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Need of Right Solutions for Distinguished Globalization

Tom Luttrell, Vice President- Information Systems, Shiloh Industries
Tom Luttrell, Vice President- Information Systems, Shiloh Industries

Tom Luttrell, Vice President- Information Systems, Shiloh Industries

Globalization is the comprehensible term for companies today in which they look forth to extend their roots to customers across the globe. Though globalization is a vital key for success and gaining edge over competitors, it is often followed by challenges such as complexity in the supply chain and incoherent integration of the employees overseas. OEs expect similar interfaces, common automobile platforms and sharing of same technologies to effectively executes the function from long distance. It becomes a nuisance for business leaders when it comes to formulating expansion and acquisition strategies as there are no robust technological solutions provided by the vendors to mitigate these drawbacks.

Current ERP solutions, based on legacy architecture are the only solution on the table, though it consumes a large time frame for implementation. As globalization is increasing with an unprecedented speed, companies and leaders need technology platforms, which can be managed at one place and deployed at multiple platforms simultaneously, that can mask and manage the complexity of the supply chain. Vendors and partners have to play their job in comprehending the needs of the companies and assist them in expansion, which will require them to invest more time in knowing their client’s business and requirements.

Leveraging Technologies which are Valued for Customers

Head of an IT department strive with a sole mission to enable growth of the company and to leverage technologies which are valued for customers. At Shiloh, I setup IT strategy along with my team that is built around enabling our company to expand globally, driving waste out of our offices, deploying modern technology collaboration, restoring the organization to run larger customer centric projects. Moreover, it is our job as the leader of IT domain, to provide our company right resources and skills to enable the company’s profitability and ascent.

Utilizing the Benefits of the Mobile Devices

At our firm we are striving to do incremental improvements in everything we do. From delivering values differently with different solutions in shorter time frames to using mobility as a tool to further facilitate the collaboration and efficiency, we are streamlining our different workforce levels effectively. We are utilizing the benefits of the mobile devices such as tablets  or ipads to establish robust communication link between our international locations and headquarter   that will enable us to hold time effective web conference and exchange of information in real time.

Recently we deployed a signature platform that is a part of our approval process. Unlike the traditional way of executing signature process through documents to different sites that used to take weeks, this platform completes the process swiftly. (As told to Derek James)



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