It's Time to Induce Complex Changes
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It's Time to Induce Complex Changes

Mauri Whalen, VP- Software & Services Group, Intel Corporation
Mauri Whalen, VP- Software & Services Group, Intel Corporation

Mauri Whalen, VP- Software & Services Group, Intel Corporation

The Open source as a development model has gained larger grounds across a wide range of market segment and technologies. However from an open source perspective, the key contribution lies in advertising its universal access towards the design and development of a product and also in prioritizing the subsequent improvements related to it. This has come off a great  contributor to the overall ecosystem in making sure the decisions that are made lie in coherence with the other subsystems  offering a parallel support. This can be a possibility given the act of a proper leadership influences the ecosystem.

Influencing Trends
Mobile and Cloud have influenced the technology sector like no other over the past years. We are witnessing a wave in the  proliferating number of hand held devices and considering the numerous advancements in cloud technology especially in the  Open source development area. Software cloud technology and Software defined networking, Network function virtualization have contributed to this new technology wave while we are trying to en sure that there are enough open source solutions for  people to yield in the cloud infrastructure.

Driving the Linux OS Change
From an Open source development point of view, one of the challenges is to make sure that enterprises conduct development in  a way as Linux OS can scale for them. For instance, to sustain the fourth version of a Linux Kernel OS, it takes a great  expense. The key is taking advantage of the Linux OS to scale through upstream development and main frame communities, as we  are witnessing the complexity of devices thronging the market and they are not shaping up as a typical CPU type architecture.  

One of the drivers that required over the process of innovation is the adaptability and a quick sense for rapid change.  Being the leader of a very large engineering team, I stress on encouraging people in bringing out more constructive ideas,  with open collaboration in order to generate quality results. (As told to Joe Philip)

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